Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem


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Bismillah hir Rahman nir raheem


Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem


Bi ismi By the Name Allah God ar rahman the Most Merciful ar Rahim the Most Beneficent.

Isme is Arabic for Name and Bismi is saying By the Name of. Allah, of course, you know means God. The article “the” in Arabic is “al” but, it adapts itself to the first syllable of the following word and in the case of Rahman or Merciful and Rahim or Beneficent, it changes to ar instead of al. God, being a Superior Being, the Most is added in the intent. Rahman and Rahim are both, incidentally, different conjugations of Rah’m or Mercy and I am only giving you the proper English Translation because the transliteration would be bordering on the ridiculous in English. It would be like – In the Name of God [Bismi-illah] The Giver of Mercy [ar rahman] that is Mercy [ar Rahim].

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