Urs of Wali Allah during the blessed month of Dhū al-Ḥijjah



Old Haj Photo

Old Haj Photo

Qurbani Cattle, during Haj in Saudia Arabia

Qurbani Cattle, during Haj in Saudia Arabia

Dhū al-Ḥijjah  Urs Sharif , Annual Commemoration of Wali Allah , Sufi saints during this blessed month.

Dhu al-Hijjah (Dhul Hijjah) is the twelfth and final month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar, marking the end of the year. This is the last sacred month in which fighting was forbidden. It is also known as Zilhaj, Zulhijjah, Zul Hijjah.

Dhu al-Hijjah (Dhul Hijjah): Literally means ‘Lord of the Pilgrimage’. It is during this month in which the Hajj Pilgrimage takes place and pilgrims from all around the world congregate at Makkah to visit the Kaaba. The Hajj Pilgrimage is performed on the eighth, ninth and the tenth of this month. Eid ul-Adha, the ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’ is held on the tenth day.



Urs of Wali Allah!
02 Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jeelani Nosarwi (RA)  —
03 Urs of Hazrat Zia’udden Madni Radawi (RA)  Madina Munawwarah
06 Hazrat Khawaja Habib Ali Shah (RA)  —
07 Urs of Imam Muhammad Baaqir(Radi Allah Anhu)  Madina Munawwarah
09 Hazrat Imam Muslim Bin Aqeel(Radi Allah Anhu)  —
10 Makhdum Jahania Jahan Gasht(RA)  —
10 Hazrat Sarkar Patna(RA)  —
11 Syed Ameenuddin(RA)  —
11 Urs of Shaikh Baha’udeen Radawi(RA)  Daulat Abaad, Dakkan
11 Urs Sharif (Shahadat) of Hazrat Uthman Ghani(Radi Allah Anhu)  Madina Munawwarah
18 Urs of Syedi A’le Rasool Ahmadi Mahrerwi(RA)  Mahrerah Sharif
18 Urs of Moulana Sadrul Faazil Na’eemudeen Murarabadi(RA)  Muradabad
22 Urs of Moulana Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddiqe(RA)  Madina Munawwarah
26 Urs (Shahdat) of Hazrat Umar Farooq-E-Aazam(Radi Allah Anhu)  Madina Munawwarah
27 Urs of Hazrat Abu Bakr Shibili(Radi Allah Anhu)  Baghdad Sharif

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