Important Sufiana dates for Rabi al Thani 1439 Hijri (2017)



Rabī’ al-Thānī  also transliterated Rabīʿ al-Ṯānī,is the fourth month in the Islamic calendar. It is also known as Rabī’ al-Ākhir.

This is also a blessed month within the Sufi world, for it is the Urs ( Annual commemoration ) of Peer ‘n’ Peer, Hzrath Ghuas-Al-Azam.  During this blessed month in Ajmer Sharif on the 11th date, Niaz on the name of Hazrat Ghaus-al-Azam is prepared and distributed in the Dargah sharif. If you would like to contribute towards this blessed cause of Ghyarmee sharif Fathia by donating towards Langer (Food provisions) or Shroud (Chaader) or flowers to be presented at the Dargah sharif then please contact us at once.  Gyarmee sharif is prepared and partaken with great respect and glamour at the Dargah-e-Ajmer sharif. You can part take in this in person or by donation towards it.


Important dates during Rabī’ al-Thānī 1439 Hijri (2017)

01 Haji Abdul Ghaffar Ashrafi (RA)
04 Sandal Hazrat Shah Mehmood Sufi Sarmust (RA)Sagar Sharif
04 Urs Hazrt  Abu Yusuf Chishty,(R.A)
05 Urs of Hazrat Sayed Shah Ibrahim Irji (RA) Nizamuddin (Dehli)

5th Monthly Mehfil -Hazrat Khwaja Usman e Haruni (R.A)

6th Monthly -Chattie Sharif of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A).
07 Urs of Hazrat Imam Maalik (Radi Allahu anhu) Madinah Munawarah
09 Hazrat Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (Radi Allahu anhu)
09 Allama Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami (RA)
09 Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed(RA) Kot Mithan

11  Urs Sharif – Ghyarmee Sharif-  Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (RA) Baghdad Sharif .

12 Hazrat Dulha Shah Bukhari Sabzwari (RA)Karachi
12 Hazrat Shiekh muhiuddin Ibne Arabi (RA)Damishq
14 Urs of Imam Muhammad Ghazzali(RA) Baghdad Shareef
14 Urs Hazrat Abu Ishaq Chishty (R.A)
14 Urs Hazrat Abu Ahmed Chishty (R.A)
15 Urs of Hazrat Shah Raza Ali Khan (RA)Bareilly Shareef
15 Urs of Hazrat Hasan mian Barkati (RA)Mahrerah Shareef
16 Hazrat Shah Shamsuddin Sabzwari (RA)Multan
19 Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Nizamudeen Awliva (RA) Delhi 
19 Hazrat Allama Abdur Rehman Jami (RA)

21st Monthly – Ekisvi Sharif of Hzrt Mollah Ali (Karam Allah Wajhu)
21 Urs of Sayedi Ismail Hassan Mahrerwi(RA) Mahrerah Shareef
26 Urs of Hazrat Allama Syed Zaheer AHmad Zaidi (RA)
26 Urs of Syed Muhammad Hasan Kausar Baba(RA) Karachi
27 Hazrat Khawaja Dawood Tai (RA)
29 Hazrat Khwaja Hamid-ud-din Nagauri (R.A

coming to Ajmer Sharif? 

If you would like to take part by making an offering for Fathia, Nazar-o-Niaz, Qurbani,or Gyarmee , Chattie fathia sharif or you would like to take part in Urs of Wali-Allah’s (All Sufi Saint’s from all Silsila’s); you can send your heartily offerings & donations direct to us safely now! or in the future.

Also in the Mosque inside Ajmer sharif Darbar  we can arrange for Dua-e-karima, khatam-e- khwajgan, Dua-e-Shifa, Ayate karima and similar dua’s on your behalf . We can arrange for food to be made in Big deg & Small deg at Darbar .

We can also arrange on your behalf flowers for Mazar Sharif and chadder (Shrowd)  or present Sandal wood in Mazar Sharif. Also we can arrange for lungar (Feeding) the poor people. Also arrangements can be made for Haqiqa and Bismillah Sharif. The Ajmer Sharif dargah also organise marriages for poor people as well as Education “Taleem”. The Darbar Sharif arranges for all poor tourist in Ajmer sharif , lodging boarding, Transportation and food clothes for the poor people. Also provided are tickets for railway & bus and other expenditure while at Darbar Ajmer Sharif.

  You can send hour heartily offerings & donations direct to Ajmer Sharif, safely via Western Union or Money Gram money Transfer,now! or in the future,

please contact: Peer Sahib on :

0091 931 426 5798

or email on:

or visit blog :

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