Important Sufiana dates during the Month of Ramadan 2021/1442 Hijri.

Important Sufiana events in Ajmer Sharif Dargah –India, during the Mubarak month of Ramdan1442 Hijri. The dates are given with coinciding Georgian dates. Please refer to your countries lunar sighting for correct dates as these differ from country to country.

01 Wiladat of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qaadri Jilani Ghous-e-Azam(R. A )  Baghdad Sharif.
01 Wiladat of Hazrat Maulana Fazl-E-Rehma Gunmuradabadi (RA).
03 Urs of Khatoon-e-Jannat Fathima Zohra(Radi Allah Anha) – Madina Munawwarah 

5th Monthly Mehfil -Hazrat Khwaja Usman e Haruni (R.A)

6th Monthly -Chattie Sharif of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A).
07 Hazrat Maulana Badruddin Qadri(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
07 Hazrat Syed Hashim Peer Dastagir Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak Beja Pur
10 Hazrat Khawaja Naseeruddin Charagh Dehlwi Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak
10 Urs of Bibi Khatija-tul-Kubra (Radi Allah Anha) 

11th Monthly – Ghyarmee Sharif of Hzrt Ghouse al Azam (R.A)
13 Urs of Hazrat Sirri Saqti(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak Baghdad Sharif
14 Hazrat Bayazeed Bistami(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
14 Urs of Hazrat Sayed Shah Ale Hamza(RA)  Mahrerah Sharif
14 Hazrat Shamsudeen Ale Ahmed(RA)  Mahrerah Sharif

15 Wiladat (Birthday) of Imaam Hassan (A.S)
16 Urs of Hazrat Syed Shah Ale Rasool Muhammad(RA) Mahrerah Sharif
17 Urs of Sayeda Aisha Saddiqa (R.A)  Madina Munawwarah
17 Shuhada Battle of Badar  (R.A)-
17 Urs of Hazrat Syed Muhammed Iqbal Shah Chisty Saaberi (RA)  —
18 Hazrat Maulana Rehan Raza Khan Rehmani (RA)

19 Shab-e-Zarbat – The of Attack on Mollah Ali (karam Allah Wajhu) in Masjid Kufa.
21 Urs Sharif (Shahadat) of Hazrat Mollah Ali Mushkil Khusha (Karam Allah Wajhu) Najf  (Iraq) 

21st Monthly – Ekisvi Sharif of Hzrt Mollah Ali (Karam Allah Wajhu).
21 Urs of Imam Ali Bin Musa Raza Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak Baghdad Sharif
21 Hazrat Shah Ali Hussain Baqi(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak Patna India
22 Hazrat Maulana Hasan Raza Khan(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
26 Hazrat Maulana Hidayat Rasool(RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
26 Hazrat Syed Ahmed Saeed Kazmi (RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
26 Wiladat of Hazrat Aalama Maulana Ilyas Attar Qadri (RA) Ramdhan-ul-Mubarak —
27 Laylatul Qadr  — 
30 Urs of Shaikh Jamaallul Awliya (RA) Rampur – India

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